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Nature Inspired Whimsical Jellyfish Lamps

Jellyfish Lamps

Image source: www.paulaarntzen.nl

Dutch designer Paula Artzen takes inspiration from ants, birds and sea creatures for creating whimsical designs. Nature’s most wonderful creatures are expressed as hanging luminaries that when lightened, create a magical atmosphere in any room.

Artzen specializes in interior design and loves creating detailed luminaries. She started with the most humble materials, experimenting with paper and Tyvek, and adding new dimensions to her designs by cutting and folding materials into 3D shapes.

Artzen’s latest work is luminaries inspired by marine sea creatures like the wonderful jellyfish. These magical lamps take inspiration from German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel’s book of drawings, which are full of detailed and drawn by hand. The book, called “Kunstformen der Natur”, was published back in 1904 and still inspires creators, like Artzen, into seeing nature through the looking glass.

These marine brilliant designs were part of last year’s bustling Dutch Design Week in an exhibition called MIX’D. A selection of her latest designs where hanging beautifully on the corner of a dark room allowing visitors to walk through them admiring their craft.

Made entirely from polypropylene, these lights are strong, durable, can be easily wash with a damp cloth and can also be recycled at the end of their lifetime.

Brilliant, lightweight and flat-packed, these beautiful lamps can be easily ship anywhere in the world.

A great feature for a living room or even a super cool kids’ room, these lamps create a submarine feeling while illuminating with their soft light.

Best used with LED lamps, their soft glow and lightness makes the organisms float and stand out.

Check out Paula Artzen’s other designs on her webpage, as well as whimsical lighting she creates other products, interiors and stylism all with her wonderful poetic aesthetics and passion for good crafts.

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