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Plamp! The Pop Up Cardboard Lamp

We all know that cardboard is a great material to use for making sustainable products.

It is easy to handle, can be found everywhere, it is extremely versatile, recycled, recyclable, light and very affordable. It can be cut with scissors, a craft knife and even laser-cut. And to stick it together, it simply needs a bit of non-toxic water-based glue.

Chilean designer Paloma Agliati is well aware of the humble material’s properties and decided to only use cardboard for her latest design.

Plamp! is a pop-up lamp made entirely from cardboard.

Shaped like a flower when it’s open, Plamp! looks like any other cardboard box when it’s closed. It doesn’t need any packaging and thanks to its hexagonal shape and lightness, can be shipped anywhere taking only little space.

Once opened Plamp! blooms like a flower and can be hang from the ceiling or place on the floor, it just need a standard LED light and to be turned on!

A clever design, the lid used for the box when the lamp is closed doubles as a ceiling rosette hiding all the messy cables behind it.

PLAMPFoldable, minimal and biodegradable, this brilliant lamp has DIY easy-to-follow instructions engraved within its design. Waste-free this lamp has no extra packaging elements so there is no rubbish left after installation. Magical, Plamp! can be turned from a single cardboard box into a surprising lamp that will look great in any space.

Plamp! adpats to different tastes, it comes simple and plain or with an intricate lasercut design that lets the light shine through it.

Apart from that, it is a great object for modern times, because it is really easy to fit and doesn’t weight much it is perfect for taking it with you when you move to your next house. Otherwise, if you feel the time has come, you could recycle it with other paper-based materials and Plamp! will degrade in no time!

Image Source: Paloma Agliati

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