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Jewelry With A Conscious

Jewelry has been worn for self-expression, as statement pieces and to pay cultural homage for as long as people could resourcefully craft and adorn them.

Though still a popular accessory, the way some present day pieces are made is much different than previous, more natural based designs. Many items from centuries ago were handmade with natural, locally derived objects. Shells, nuts, seeds, sturdy wheats, grasses and woods are only some examples of organic materials popular for fashioning jewelry.

It seems there is always a report surfacing somewhere about toxins found in jewelry like cadmium and lead, or items manufactured in unethical conditions. Often inexpensive and readily available, purchasing products of questionable quality may be wallet friendly but whether or not they are environmentally friendly sometimes remains to be seen.

Luckily, many are focusing on where the jewelry pieces actually originate from instead of just the end result of the profit margin. Utilizing natural materials to produce eco friendly accessories is becoming more sought after by buyers, designers and customers. There are many companies that seek to please eco hungry consumers and have done their homework regarding organic substances that can be formed into superior jewelry pieces.

Companies like Wild Berry eco jewelry are one example of where to find items crafted from all natural resources and produced by resident artisans. Their handmade line is sustainably created from native grown trees in Brazil where their business is based.

For a sample of what Mother Nature can offer for material inventory, check out their simple but elegant hair holder made completely from wood and a golden grass called Capim Dourado, which is a variety of durable hay.

Jewelry With A Conscious

Image source: wildberryecojewelry.com/Elegant_Golden_Grass_Hair_Holder_p/7211.htm

Their visual clip gives an idea of other products that are inventively made from objects gathered from local trees.

Pretty pieces do not have to be purchased. A simple woodworking project like these wooden rings for men or women can be produced with leftover wood scraps. Also, organic dyes made from things like vegetables, teas and coffee are easy, safe and effective to use for tinting woods instead of using canned chemicals.

Jewelry With A Conscious

Image source: themerrythought.com/diy/simple-wooden-rings

Beautiful jewelry doesn’t have to be manufactured in a stark production plant. Nature based designs are a way to display a mindful sense of fashion.

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