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High-End Designs Using Fruits and Soil

Designers may often find inspiration in unexpected places.

Applying intricate concepts to produce works of art using the simplest of mediums requires a skillful balance.

The following are a few examples that mix remarkable design with basic means to produce upscale interior pieces.

Robert Dziura creates incredible lampshades made from gourds. Gourds are a fruit originally grown in Africa that have hard exterior coverings. In search of a do it yourself design to handmade-gourd-lamps-gourdlight-1replicate an eye-catching piece, Dziura turned to an inexpensive but effective medium to make a lightshade. Once the gourds are dried he drills them, forming patterns along the fruit’s shell. They are then beautifully embellished with strings of wax and jewel pieces.

When light filters through the shell it creates an illuminating display.

Another inventive design takes the tropical Lufa fruit and turns it into surprising functional objects. The Lufa is edible, but is also popular for use as exfoliating bath sponges. Fernando Laposee takes the fibrous fruit which grows like a vine and dries it. He then manipulates them to develop household pieces with a natural design meets purpose perspective.

Some of Laposee’s formations include a desk, planters, room dividers and even beverage containers. The designer also has a lamp made from the material.


Along with fruits, one clever artist is also using the soil that produce is grown in as a medium, transforming it into unbelievably dirt-based designs. A project that collects soil samples and uses them for a global statement piece called Common Ground 191 is from artist Gary Simpson. the_191_project2

He has gathered soil specimens from nearly 200 locations around the world and is presenting them on his panel exhibition.

Long before mass manufactured retail pieces were available, artists used what they had to create their works. Ecologically based materials implemented into modern day designs is an innovative technique.

Image Source: RD Gourd Lamps

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