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Sit To Save Energy

Imagine a world where sitting down to do normal things in your cubical or office would save energy. It almost seems too easy and too good to be true.

Swedish Designer Eddi Törnberg has designed the best human-powered work station that anyone has seen yet.

Unlike any other concepts that require a person to do things like ride a bike or walk while you’re working, it doesn’t require a person to do anything more than sit and work. The project Törnberg has designed is called “Unplugged”.

Eddi Tornberg

Image source: www.edditornberg.se

The design powers the various gadgets we use to work. It can power laptops, printers, scanners, workspace lighting, etc. It does this through our small constant movements and our natural body heat.

The desk chair is designed and equipped with a metal seat that gets hot as a person emits body heat, but the underside stays cools through a pattern of metal fins. Electricity is produced through the Seebeck Effect where an electric charge is generated when a material is hot or warm on one side, but cool on the other. A physicist named Thomas Seebeck found that if you make certain materials warm on one side and cool on the other, the temperature difference generates electricity.

Another part to this set up is a rug that goes under the desk that is equipped with piezoelectric crystals that generate electricity when pressure is applied to them. Any random movements like a shuffle, stomp, or rolling back and forth of the chair is a source of electricity.

Eddi Tornberg

Image source: www.edditornberg.se

The final part of Unplugged is plant-powered rather than human-powered. A potted plant provides electricity through a process similar to a potato battery. This is produced by a plants photosynthesis process.

Unplugged is more of a concept than a working product, but what a concept it is. If the design is ever put to use, it could generate a lot of the energy needed to get through the workday. Sure, we’d still be sitting in a chair working, but we would become part of a more efficient world.

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