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Giving It The Green Light

These days when we go shopping for a new laptop or television we are looking for the thinnest and lightest product available.

Researchers have come up with graphene based electrode technology which make affordable and energy efficient display technology that could be a good alternative to light bulbs.

Interestingly it is so sleek that it could even be used as wallpaper or applied to ceilings.

Almost all modern devices use organic light emitting diodes (OLED) for display which are energy efficient but also have some drawbacks. The slimness comes with a cost making it very expensive compared to CRT or LCD type displays. OLED uses a metal alloy called indium tin oxide which makes recycling the display very complicated.

Swedish researchers have come up with graphene based light-emitting electrochemical cells, (commonly known as LECs) and feel that graphene based electrodes will make the recycling work easier, making products more environmentally friendly without compromising the compactness.

The interesting part of LECs is that they can be produced even from liquid solutions making it very flexible. LEC’s can be manufactured into “sheets” reducing manufacturing costs.

LEC can be used as glowing wallpapers in homes, this concept was used in the early days using LED’s and OLED’s but the high cost made it unviable. With LEC these barriers are broken as the cost and power consumption is drastically reduced by using graphene instead of rare metals as electrodes.

These LEC powered wallpapers will illuminate a room more effectively than traditional high power consuming light bulbs.

The very pleasant environment in the room with such a displaywill make you feel like you’re in some kind of sci-fi adventure.

LEC’s are completely free from organic matters and metals, energy efficient and recyclable.


Image source: www.pubs.acs.org

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