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Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

Konrad Wójcik, an architecture student with WK Design, created a model of a unique home for a project. The goal was to develop a fully sustainable structure with a minimal imprint during the building process, and to maintain this after completion.

Receiving the honor of a special mention, the conceptual idea for the tree line structure is a futuristic and highly interesting model. Called Primeval Symbiosis, the Single Pole House, they are built with wood and modeled after a naturally genius design – trees.

The abstract development’s goal is to remain in balance with its surroundings, and floating along the tree line, this ultramodern nod to the tree house style certainly looks naturally poised.

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

The diamond shaped pods seemingly hang from the surrounding trees, but the units are actually staked into the earth much like a rooted tree trunk.

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

This causes a marginal amount of disruption and damage to the environment as compared to traditionally laid house foundations.

This type of structure seems ideal for resorts, homes and a variety of constructions where a regard for the land is of utmost importance. A development like this could consist of several homes in a community without taking over the landscape with an urban sprawl that eats up the forest.

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

Designed to nest up to 2 people comfortably, the units can also be expanded to accommodate up to 4.

One side of the exterior is covered with solar panels, and a heat pump draws in energy from the ground. Another sustainable feature is a bio-digester that recycles waste products on site. The houses are framed with 100% recyclable zinc and the interior has a focus on meeting cradle to cradle certification standards.

The entire façade is a window pane that soaks in the sunlight just like its neighboring companions.

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

When a creative mind takes inspiration from natural design, innovative things happen.

All images are the property of Konrad Wójcik.

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