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Intricate Gardens Indoors

You needn’t settle for potted plants to add lush to interior spaces. Even in limited expanses you can, with a little ingenuity, create green havens with canopies of foliage and exposed earth. The following are prime displays of indoor gardens that retain their primitive nature despite their urban enclosures.


Image source: www.trendhunter.com

Office Garden

The Cuningham Hayden Group Place didn’t simply install a garden in their office, architects built the office around it. Such is evident in the organic layout of the garden, unobstructed by abrupt run-ins with choppy walls. Beyond use as a spot for relaxation, the garden filters the air that circulates through the office, and provide a centerpiece for collaboration and creative brainstorming among coworkers. The plants are both native and adoptive, and will be tended to by office employees. In addition to their affinity towards nature, the company employs sustainable practices and encourages employees to commute by ambulatory paths and public transit. The office lies within an old warehouse in Culver City, California, whose generously sized windows provides the building with an abundance of natural light. All the better to ignite the natural splendor of the garden, making the work environment brighter and more productive.


Image source: homedit.com

A Forest Within the Walls

A true binder of the elements, the Elok House incorporates wood, metal (steel), glass, concrete, and the earth – complete with water features. The home stands like a glass shrine, encasing dense clusters of trees and shrubbery amidst Singapore’s barren cityscape. Much of the vegetation is rooted in the walls, nearly climbing the entire three stories of the home.

The open kitchen is interrupted by slender tree trunks that thread through the ceiling, standing like pillars in the room’s center. All throughout the house, each story is punctuated by tropical trees with fanned foliage, complimenting the home’s sparse and breezy layout.

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