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Forest Thrives Inside Art Museum


Image source: trendhunter.com

A living forest is a labyrinth of complex interactions, harboring an array of biodiversity. How the resident organisms come together, and how they respond to human interference, is crucial to the health of these natural environments.

A few things are required for the subsidence of a forest. Including proper light and irrigation, as well as the room to grow and deepen its roots. Often, it is difficult to source these things adequately enough through nature in areas abundant in artificial structures and human life, especially as the rate of city-dwellers increases.

The proposed Andrea Branzi Maribor Art Museum, however, promises to deliver real forest spaces that will function and thrive within their urban confines. The museum will encompass some 10,000 square miles of public space, which will harbor two exhibitions of forest space. These spaces will be known as green halls. They will contain garden space and include one vertical greenhouse each – and they shan’t be the only fixtures of forestry within the museum – though they’ll be the most natural.


Image source: trendhunter.com

In addition to the green halls, the museum will be filled with stalk-like pillars, which function as artificial trees within. Aside from providing a forest-like ambiance, some pillars will serve as clean chimneys, providing the building with natural ventilation, assisting in filtering air particles as a real tree would. Other pillars are in fact illuminated pipes. This creates the ‘daylight’ within the urban forest. Elevated platforms lay atop the artificial ‘trees’, serving as space for casual gatherings and special events. Perched above the manes are photovoltaic panels that help to generate renewable energy.


Image source: Design Boom

All of this is contained within the lower level, bridging the inner-city gap between the urban bustle and the river. In fact, the museum itself acts much like a city within a city, as it is to be equipped with a separate children’s museum, a bookstore, library, information area, and a creative industry center.

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