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7 New Uses For Old Sweaters

Organizing and cleaning out closets can sometimes turn up clothing that doesn’t get worn often. Sweaters are one item that normally either receives a lot of wear during cold months, or is pushed to the back of the pile if the style is outdated or uncomfortable.

The following are a range of ideas for reusing old sweaters that will give them an updated look and a new life.

Knitted sweaters that are soft can be cut and easily turned into hats. A homemade elfin hat is a great way to upcycle an ugly or stretched out sweater.

Also, this tutorial for a slouchy hat requires only a few tools and a recommended lightweight sweater that begs to be introduced to scissors.

7 New Uses For Old Sweaters

Image source: vixenmade.com

You can even use up the sleeves with sweater socks. Scale the pattern down and make smaller cuts for children’s socks.

For a cold weather accessory, a purse can be made from sweater scraps and sewing materials, and can be detailed with a belt if desired.

7 New Uses For Old Sweaters

Image source: secondchancesbysusan-tutorials.blogspot.com

To give little ones a new look, a child’s sweater dress can be fashioned from an adult sweater. Make it a shorter cut for a child-sized cardigan or wrap.

To make inexpensive home decorations sweaters can be cut and portions hot-glued onto sturdy paper, then framed for original wall art. These can also be stenciled and painted to add to the design.

7 New Uses For Old Sweaters

Image source: christinasadventures.com

Another easy project is a do it yourself pillow cover. Using the cut out front and back middle portions of a sweater, the sides can be sewn shut, leaving one side open. A pillow can be placed in through the open side, or it can be filled with pillow or quilting stuffing, then the open side can be sewn shut. Different sized sweaters can be made into various shaped pillows, and the sleeves can even be used to make pillow rolls. Cut them off, fill and tie up the ends with decorative ribbons for a smart presentation, perfect for a nap.

Old sweaters make useful supplies for crafting and upcycling, and can remind that being resourceful and using things in a different way just takes a little time and some imagination.

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