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How To Make A Floor Cushion

Home accessories can carry a hefty price for their small packages. Throw pillows and floor cushions provide comfort and may get tons of use, but they can be expensive to buy.

Making a hand sewn floor cushion isn’t too big a challenge for a crafty set of hands, and not only will it be cheaper but it will be an original design.

Living With Punks offers several easy to follow tutorials for making a range of floor cushions.

This catalog inspired pillow features contrasting thread and piping accents. It also has a handle for toting from room to room.

How To Make A Floor Cushion How To Make A Floor Cushion

The template is for a 17 inch circle and requires a yard of fabric and filling. Make the diameter larger and increase the material for a larger cushion.

This version has a tufted center and vintage, decorative trim.

How To Make A Floor Cushion

Made with scraps, this bean bag cushion is formed by cutting the fabric into strips.

How To Make A Floor Cushion

This one looks like it takes some time and patience, as there is a lot of sewing involved. Each strip has to be sewn together to make the top as shown. For the stuffing, bean bag pellets are recommended as they are easier to form into the cushion’s shape and hold up well.

How To Make A Floor Cushion

For older kids who may have specific style requirements, this design can be made to match a bedroom. The piping is handmade by using a rope, folding over the fabric and sewing it together.

How To Make A Floor Cushion

All above images and designs are from Living With Punks.

For a child’s room, these ABC pillows use felt or fabric remnants to add letter accents.

How To Make A Floor Cushion

Image source: marthastewart.com

Perfect for spelling out names or favorite words, be certain any attachments are securely fastened to the pillow. These can also be used to make any size pillow by blowing up the image that is used to make the letters and using it for the pattern. Smaller letter throw pillows or a giant floor cushion initial is a neat way to personalize a child’s space.

If you accomplish putting together one cushion, a second will probably follow. Eventually.

How To Make A Floor Cushion

Image source: livingwithpunks.com

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