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Hotels and Resorts Made From Recycled Materials

Environmentally sustainable designs are gradually becoming more popular as well as necessary.

Incorporating ecologically smart strategies into large-scale operations like hotels and resorts are to the benefit of guests, the local community and the environment.

One example of a resort with conservation in mind is the Alila Villas Uluwatu located in Bali. Designed by Singapore based company WOHA, the posh vacation spot was made mostly from recycled and locally reclaimed materials. Seemingly every detail has been examined with an ecological microscope. The resort is a Green Globe certification registrant, and reportedly is the first hotel in the area to earn the highest sustainable design certification.

Things like salvaged wood, telegraph and railway poles have been put to use as construction materials in the hotel. Even the landscape has been purposely designed to function sustainably. Natural ventilation systems, which utilize wind gusts from the ocean, have been built throughout the space. Also, the walls surrounding the courtyard were made from local volcanic rock, which helps trap cooler air to keep the area at a more comfortable temperature.

For a stark contrast to a luxury stay, look at the hanging hotel. It too is made from recycled materials, although it is a bit of a different design. Other interesting hotels include these fourteen featured on WebEcoist. Repurposed drain pipes, airplanes, shipping containers and dockside cranes are a few additional examples of hotels made from unique recycling efforts.

Though not an actual livable space, the Keycard Hotel is clever card stacking to say the least. When one particular New York Holiday Inn hotel decided to make some revisions, they showed off an unusually intriguing display in the interim. Constructed and stacked by Bryan Berg, the operative exhibition consisted of a lobby and guest room made entirely from the hotel’s plastic door entry key cards. These cards are being phased out by many hotel chains in an attempt to rid their establishments of unnecessary plastic use.

Vacation destinations and hotels are the perfect arena to incorporate creative recycled designs.

Whether an upscale stay or a basic bed for the night, the tourism and hospitality industries can only benefit from using sustainable and environmentally conscious models.

Image Source: Keycard Hotel from blastr

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