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Handmade Lighting That Will Make You Sing

Handmade Lighting That Will Make You Sing

Luzifer Lamps, or lzf Lamps, has recently launched a new collection that is stunning, but also integrates a neat idea that in an instant makes lamps more than just lighting.

The designers refer to their handmade items as wood touched by light, and each piece in their High Fidelity compilation comes with its own musical album.

The award winning concept is to illuminate rooms in a new way – much like having mood lighting that comes complete with its own soundtrack.

According to the design team their conception was to recreate a small venue type atmosphere where conversation, social exchange and live music was often what it was all about – and honing in on the lighting that either put creativity in the spotlight or withdrew it from notice and flickered in a dim corner, setting the mood for the whole night.

The lighting is elegant, and the visual element mixed with mood and melody is an interesting arrangement.

Handmade Lighting That Will Make You Sing

Handmade Lighting That Will Make You Sing

There are 12 lighting designs, each featuring its own album with 12 songs. The musical compilations are jazz tunes with upbeat notes.

Have a listen: High Fidelity

The album covers display images that also match each corresponding lamp, and posters and almanacs are included with the package. To make it even more stimulating for the senses there are 12 animations to accentuate the lamps.

Their Candelabro items and other products would up-swank any space.

Handmade Lighting That Will Make You Sing

They offer a glimpse at how their handmade fixtures are created:

Their proclamation to remake the way we think of lighting by turning the lamp into an actual experience instead of just a fixture is an imaginative project.

Handmade Lighting That Will Make You Sing

Beautiful, yes. In the budget, probably not (not mine, anyway).

Steal the idea, at least, and remember to relax and occasionally put on your favorite musical muse when you turn on, dim down or turn off.

All images are from lzf Lamps.

Handmade Lighting That Will Make You Sing

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