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Handmade Belt Ideas

Making your own belts is a useful way to recycle fabrics and materials.

Versatile and tailor made to any size and wardrobe, they also make great handmade gifts.

There are fabulous, free lessons and photo tutorials that enable belt making to be a doable project at home. Below are some styles of different do it yourself belts that can be made for a sheer fraction of the retail cost.

D-Ring Belts

There are numerous types of D-Ring belts that can be handmade. Basic belts can be simply constructed by reusing fabrics and placing them around a study material. Batting, twill, elastic or any pliable item can be cut into a strip and fabric can be wrapped over it, then machine or hand sewn in place. D-Rings or other fasteners can be used to keep the belt secure, or you can make a simple version that ties instead of attaches.

Seaminglysmitten has charming ideas as well as easy to follow instructions for D-ring belts.

Velcro ribbon belts are super easy and cute for kids, and not just reserved for boys but most will probably think these examples using puffy paint designs are cool, too. Any pattern can be applied using this technique and smaller, rectangular D-rings were used.

LIVING with punks has an example of a somewhat easy belt turned stylish with their calico rendition.

calico belt

Repurposed Material Belts

Old or stained clothes that are no longer worn can also be turned into belts. This tutorial shows how to turn an old T-shirt into a braided belt. Accessories with a decorative twist, like this sailor’s belt, uses leftover ropes and reinvents them.

Stamped Inlay Belts

Store bought leather belts are normally expensive, but making your own can be done with a few tools and limited funds. Also, they can be decorated with items lying around the home or garage. The one in this project from Make:craft was stained with leather dye, but more natural options are also available for coloring belts. If you do not want to use leather you can opt for another material.


For 3 tips on actually getting the holes in the leather, check out ManMade.

Fancy Belts

Ideal for formal dances or weddings, upscale belts can be assembled easier than you make think. This girdy belt from no big dill is stunning and requires just a few items to make.

The ruffly version belt is fashioned using mostly ribbon and fabric. This beaded wedding belt from DesignWaffle uses two pieces of beaded trim sewn together with invisible thread and is fastened with a clasp.


Obi Belts

Worn dressed up or down, Obi belts are actually less complicated to make than they look. These can be designed several ways, from the basic Obi or even made into a reversible one.

When compared to retail brands, belts can cost a lot of money for such a narrow piece of clothing. Making your own belts reuses materials plus leaves room for a perfect fit on a budget.

Image Source: no big dill: The Girdy Belt Tutorial

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