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Algae Powered Lamp

In the world of cool eco-friendly inventions, 2012 and 2013 have so far been the best years for innovative designers to showcase their products.

A great, independent design venture website called Designboom has told us of an ingenious attempt to reinvent the lamp by a designer by the name of Mike Thompson. Basically, Thompson has invented a lamp that runs on algae, water, and . . . well, CO2 from your breath.

You store the lamp outside in the daytime, and photosynthesis will generate electricity through the algae.

When you need to use the light, the electricity will be released and power the lamp. Thompson calls his invention the “Latro”, which is Latin for “thief”.

The process is quite simple; you cultivate the algae with the sunlight and CO2 from your breath. Sensors monitor the light’s intensity, and provides just enough energy to keep the algae from becoming malnourished.

Owners of the lamp would treat it like a regular flower; with routine feeding of sunlight, water, and CO2, with the outcome being light released from the lamp. It’s a really neat concept, and very feasible.

You probably wouldn’t use this as your regular house lamp, but it could definitely work on a nightstand or kitchen table. I could see schools using it as a wonderful teaching object.

A little while ago, we wrote about a Moss table, which produces electricity from the process of photosynthesis. We also shared a neat concept of using bricks on the outside of your home to create small habitats for birds and small animals. All of these ideas are coming shortly, and all are affordable for those interested in giving back to the environment.

Look for more projects and inventions like this in the coming months.


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