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Green Architecture has become the new fad in modern construction. Simply installing eco-friendly outlet plugs and energy filters isn’t enough anymore.

Nowadays, expect to see solar panels, wind turbines, natural/recyclable building materials, and more coming to a neighborhood near you.

One of the more well-known proponents for a natural architecture revolution is a company called Earthship Biotecture. They offer a wide range of residences, from single individual and large family size, to commercial structure and disaster management projects. Most of their developments are in rural and desert areas, but they hope to expand their reach to more populated communities soon.

Another major voice for sustainable building concepts is the E.P.A. They offer several architectural models on their website, with tips and advice for the DIY builder in you. The E.P.A. website “identifies the key environmental and energy issues at hand, and suggests solutions that will add value to your home, reduce energy use and energy costs, fight climate change, and protect your health.”

Perhaps the most popular engineering voice for sustainability is the Civil Engineering Group. The website itself is a portfolio of articles and projects about building product information, local construction data, advertising channels, and more. They connect people to construction workers, and vice versa.

One of the main focuses of the group is environmental support. They display a wealth of articles on eco-friendly building materials, design concepts, eco-innovation, and more. For architects and environmentally-minded individuals, the Civil Engineering Group represents a great source of information in all aspects of residential sustainability.

Large projects such as skyscrapers, apartment complexes, environmental parks, roads and bridges also have articles dedicated solely towards those subjects of interest. In many cases, designing an eco-friendly home is cheaper and longer-lasting than traditional homes, whether the payoff is immediate or gradual. Even China has begun experimenting with sustainable city prototypes.

Hopefully for the millions of people currently living in pollution-ridden cities with inefficient sewer treatment, expensive electricity solutions, and dangerous gas-guzzling machinery, eco-friendly architecture will soon become the next popular replacement of traditional construction.

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