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Future Student Housing Is A “Hobbit Hut”

Tired of the boring old dorm complex most universities have adopted? Looking to spice up your student years and hit the books in style? Is sustainability something that keeps you up at night? Then boy, this housing concept may be the stuff for you.

A 33-square-foot hut developed by Swedish firm Tengbom Architects has been generating buzz this past week. It has about 5 different housing aspects built into its tiny frame, though the question on everyone’s mind is: will it actually work?


Image source: www.gizmodo.com

The concept was initially created for the students at the University of Lund. Everything inside either folds, tucks away, or can be customized in some aspect. It cuts down on rent costs by half, and reduces the carbon footprints of students living inside even further.

There are of course downsides to this particular design, but there are many benefits, which we’ll discuss first. For one, the hut looks beautiful. If you were like me, and lived in a dingy, dank dorm complex (and that was just the lobby!), then you’ll agree that this concept is a welcome idea.


Image source: www.gizmodo.com

The units can’t be stacked on top of one another, which is kind of a bummer, but realistically, who would want to climb all the way up to their unit on top? It’d be harrowing and death-provoking at the very least. Since the units are only 33-square-feet in size, it’d be rather easy to arrange them in a space-saving fashion.

Each concept unit so far has been made from different types of wood, although plastic and metal variants could easily be visualized. Since each hut is essentially the size of a regular dorm, students wouldn’t have to worry about compromising space for comfort (or price).


Image source: www.gizmodo.com

It’s an eco-friendly and economically sound idea that’d we’d love to see somebody put in practice soon.

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