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Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

The leftover coffee grounds from a morning jolt are not only good for compost fuel.

Some creative designers are actually using them as materials for furniture making.

A few years back, a nonprofit design company called Re-worked had a line of furniture that incorporated coffee grounds in the manufacturing process.

The company, with the goal of making what they could from recycled waste materials, was able to create a substance which enabled them to form several sturdy furniture pieces called Çurface. Made from 30% coffee grounds and 70% High Impact Polysterene, the company also used recycled plastics. This mixture is made into composite sheets that can be merged by welding and then formed into furniture.

The sheets are also completely waterproof for durability. The finished product reportedly has a smooth surface and dents, scratches or other superficial impurities can be simply removed with sandpaper.

The Çurface features included tables, chairs, rocking chairs, and have also been used on espresso and coffee machines in other coffee shops.

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

Image source: designtaxi.com/news/35343/Coffee-Tables-Made-of-Recycled-Coffee-Grounds

Another coffee ground project from an inventive campus was from Kasetsart University’s Scrap Lab. The environmentally focused lab produces many items from recycled products. One creation, developed with the aid of an environmental architect, is a line of restaurant furniture that has actually been used in a perfect setting –  a Starbucks in Megabangna, which is a shopping destination in Bangkok.

Making the interior of the store a step in a sustainable direction, practical designs like different sized tables and condiment bars make it hard to believe what they are made from.

Furniture Crafted From Coffee Grounds

Image source: bangkokpost.com/learning/easier-stuff/309559/furniture-from-coffee-grounds

Apparently, furniture made with a coffee blend can actually emit a slight freshly brewed smell for a while after they are constructed. Perfect for coffee lovers, but also a promising process for designing sustainable furniture pieces.

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