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Design For All

Being design school educated may not be in the cards for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your own space with style. The following apps and resources can assist in those times where an extra eye or creative flair can make all the difference.

If you’re in the market for wallpaper or murals, or just want to get an idea of how a certain design will look in a space, Glamora Design Studio has a free app to help picture what a vision will actually look like on the wall.

Design For All

Image source: glamora.it

Available as an iPad download, users can take a picture of a space and then chose a wallpaper from the gallery. Measurements can be taken into consideration and adjustments can be made to the size. Projects can be saved for later interior design inspiration.

Check it out:

Color obsessed? Palettes is an app with a free version for the iPhone and iPad that lets users experience the endless array of color schemes.

Colors can be chosen from available models or taken from websites or photographs. Users can search for matching colors, as well as create and store collections of palettes so they will always be close at hand for in the field use.

Design For All

Image source: maddysoft.com/iphone/palettes

For those who like to draw it out, Adobe Brush is free for iOS.

Start by taking a photo of any item placed on a white background, like a plain white piece of paper. The image can then be turned into a customized brush that can be stored and used to draw and design with.

For instance, favorite colors, textures and pictures can be creatively turned into digitized ink, ready for brushstrokes to make the perfect idea come to life.

Design For All

Image source: adobe.com

What is created in Adobe Brush can also be used within other compatible applications, like Adobe Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator.

Adornably allows users an on-hand visualization of furniture in a specific space. Realistic images can give an idea of what pieces will actually look like to scale in a selected area.

Free for iPad, users can browse through a gallery of products (some expensively priced), or can take photographs from magazines for inspiration where they can be saved, updated, edited and shared.

Design For All

Image source: facebook.com/Adornably

Perfect for deciding what will go where, or if it will fit when you get it there. Even if the showcased products are not selected, this is a decent tool for determining if you like a certain furniture color or style, as the visuals are much easier to navigate than actual pieces.

There are tons of apps and tools for at-home designers and experts to wade through. Please share any recommendations for free apps or tutorials that are design inspired in the comments below.

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