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Far Out Fashions Offer Environmental Statements


Far Out Fashions Offer Environmental Statements

Image source: elenagregusova.com

Eco focused Elena Gregusova has mixed fashion design with textile art, and the outcome has produced some interesting, and somewhat unusual, pieces.

Her artwork signifies environmental issues and has a multicultural facet. Using recycled content she creatively forms clothing sculptures that are presented as statement pieces. Using mediums like newspapers, tossed out textiles and other discarded materials she turns them into one of a kind wearable displays.

One take on an organically produced fabric structure is her Global Wearing gown. Made from 100% recycled products like old clothing and umbrellas it shows a glacial, imaginative design.

Her Wear The News series are contemplative pieces that display modern global events through the use of international newspapers. The paper content shows world news and information, and the shapes of the recycled couture resemble cultural forms or activities. Various languages are printed onto different colored recycled papers and add to the visual effect.

Far Out Fashions Offer Environmental Statements

Image source: elenagregusova.com

It reportedly takes hundreds of hours of work by hand just to produce one of these garments, and some of the forms have more than 100,000 hand crafted parts that must be added, one piece at a time. There are approximately 30 different clothing sculptures in the collection.

Her high performance designs have won several awards and have been presented and displayed at many exhibitions. Some selections from the Wear the News line were also shown on stage at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games Victory Ceremony in Vancouver, Canada.

Utilizing normally discarded items and reprocessing them into content rich representations that are anything but ordinary demonstrates how an imaginative eye can turn what others see as just garbage into distinctive visual creations.

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