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Fabric And Paper Crafts Perfect For Boring Spots

Certain places around a house can seem a bit lackluster. Rather than spending a lot of money updating, budget friendly projects can completely change a look.

Perking up areas around the home that are the opposite of exciting is simple with a few do it yourself applications.

This tutorial from a graphic and textile designer shows how to make wallpaper with fabric.

Fabric And Paper Crafts Perfect For Boring Spots

Image source: howaboutorange.blogspot.com

Demonstrating how to update a typical white door, a thin fabric is painted on the surface using cornstarch and water. Applied with a brush or paint roller, the mixture should be thick but still pourable.

Patterns and color choices are endless, and the result is definitely no longer dull. It is also probably much easier to remove than traditionally applied wallpapers. This can be done as a larger mural or wall art, too. Thinner fabrics probably work best for this project, and as suggested bed sheets make ideal material to work with.

Even the smallest of objects can benefit from decorative details.

Fabric or sturdy paper can be applied with a découpage technique onto unsuspecting items like light switch plates, tiles and coasters. The same technique could also be used on trays, furniture and other surfaces.

Fabric And Paper Crafts Perfect For Boring Spots

Image source: thecottagemama.com

Another idea for using bits of recycled paper, fabrics and textiles comes from this simple craft idea which can be displayed as wall art, tabletop covers or backsplashes.

Fabric And Paper Crafts Perfect For Boring Spots

Image source: jhsmith88.tumblr

For paper activities that are appropriate for children, try out some paper craft lessons from Martha Stewart.

Outdoor finds and chunks of salvaged wood can be added in a room to add a decorative touch. This idea uses a sturdy wooden base and fabric rosettes to brighten up a plain lampshade. Paint, stain, textiles or paper could be applied to the base to spruce it up, or it can be left natural for an organic look.

Fabric And Paper Crafts Perfect For Boring Spots

Image source: bhg.com

Using items like fabric remnants and recycled papers, creating your own design puts a personal stamp on interior spaces. It is also a good excuse to try out new projects.

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