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Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

While most may look at pieces of lumber as just blank planks of wood, creative artists and those with the ability for construction and woodworking can see something completely different.

Morgan Herrin, an artist with a heightened skillset in carpentry and wood crafting, has created unbelievably detailed sculptures using plain lumber.

Taking a simple construction material, wood 2 x 4s, his hand carved pieces are beyond impressive. He works with this abundant recycled material to produce accomplished forms, like these amazing life size pieces, which take countless hours to complete.

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

His recent works are created from reclaimed lumber that is aged, which lends to stunningly realistic presentations. His detailed carvings definitely have character and bring the images to life.

From the artist:

The evidence of my labor gives value to the material, which is otherwise cheap and disposable. Recycled, construction-grade lumber reflects our society’s preference for cheap, fast, and impermanent. My sculptures are hand-carved, a process that takes hundreds of work-hours and utilizes hand tools that have been almost completely phased out by modern machines. These two aspects combine to create a dialogue about time and the contrast between the past and the present.

All sculptural images are the property of Morgan Herrin.

Another creation forged from lumber material is this cool bench which is displayed on campus at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Called Lightwave, this unpretentiously beautiful design comes from After Architecture.

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

The functional art installation was made with over 200 wooden posts that were cut, formed and painted. They were placed in a pattern to resemble the waves found in the surrounding landscape, which includes a nearby lake.

Made to last, the structure also has internal lights which illuminate at night and showcase the sides of the vividly painted posts, making for interesting seating.

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

They also have other creatively designed seating concepts and exhibitions, including Wavepier, seen below.

Eye-Catching Installations Made From Lumber

All images of the Lightwave and Wavepier benches are the property of After Architecture.

Such a wide range of objects can be created with simple materials; it just takes incredible talent to make it happen.

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