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Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

The buzz swirling around the field of the smart clothing is constant as new technologies are developed, advanced and applied.

A project called The Next Black is a film created and produced by AEG, a home appliance company, that is focused on how to make clothing manufacturing more ecological.

Have a peek at the film:

Several sustainably minded designers are featured in the video.

Biocouture Ltd. is an innovative development in the market that uses an organic outlook in combination with a scientific approach to clothing. An exciting facet in garment production called biodesign integrates ways that allow types of grow your own clothing with natural processes.

The film showcases in studio demonstrations on subjects like how to work with microbes that produce cellulose, actually growing clothing in a vat that contains fermenting liquid. This process advances the developing microbial substances, working them into a blend of sugar, yeast and green tea.

Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

The outcome makes a completely compostable product that when dried can be cut and sewn.

Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

Image source: aeg.co.uk

This ecologically focused way of creating clothing furthers the aspiration to be able to produce zero waste products on a larger scale, and to decrease energy and water usage for all applications.

Advances in the field of smart clothing are generating a new kind of connection to make the most of what technology can offer the industry, as well as individual applications.

The Next Black film explores what is possible with clothing design by uniting science, technology and sustainability in the fashion industry. It looks at digital and wearable technologies that also are able to incorporate personalized features and performance monitoring capabilities.

Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

The future possibilities for smart clothing look promising, and definitely interesting.

Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

All images are via AEG and their respective designers.

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