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Experience Architecture Through Art

Premiering this week, London’s Royal Academy of Arts is presenting an exhibit titled Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined.

Experience Architecture Through Art

It offers 7 different approaches to architecture from 6 countries and 4 continents, and serves them up in a gallery of varied features.

It is an innovative look  into architecture and invites a participatory approach with offerings that engage the senses of smell and touch. It is meant as an immersive project, intended to draw the observer in, making them an active part in order to really experience the gala. It demonstrates how architecture can be captured with the senses, and is more than just a structural feat, but art form and life form as well.

Visitors are invited to be more than just observers, but to touch and feel in order to understand the materials and the scale of the objects.

Coming into play are tactile, vision, and aromatic journeys through the rooms in order to hone in on architectural elements and how they effect the environment and inhabitants. Presented with a global approach, the large scale displays are shown throughout various rooms.

Kengo Kuma offers up a light, fragrant display of bamboo sticks rising up from the floor.

Experience Architecture Through Art

Li Xiaodong created a maze formed with timber and illuminated by an LED floor, enveloping and engaging wanderers with the whole space.

Experience Architecture Through Art

Other participatory offerings include a space constructed of panels made from plastic honeycomb-looking forms. Visitors are encouraged to play with the room by adding in plastic straws. Also, architect Eduardo Souto de Moura is presenting complete door casings made from concrete. Towering next to the real life version, the comparison makes viewers really stop and take note of the significance and structure of a doorway.

We may not pause everyday to really look at a doorway, or stop to smell an unexpected element in a room, or absorb how a light affects our perception of a space, but this hands-on exhibit reminds us to go further than to just see the architecture around us, but to actually experience it.

Meet the architects and check out the curator’s blog, courtesy of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Images are the property of the Royal Academy of Arts.

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