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Check Your Thermostat

If one thermostat controls your entire home’s temperature, it is best to keep it set at 78 degrees F (25 degrees Celsius) during the summer and 68 degrees F (20 degrees Celsius) during the winter.

If you can, have multiple thermostats, installing one in each room of the house. When you use one thermostat for the entire house it can create uneven temperatures throughout your home.

Plus energy is wasted heating and cooling unused rooms, which will probably show up on your bills. If you have a different thermostat controlling each room, you can individualize the temperature to the room, so no energy is wasted.

Once upon a time whole house fans were loud, energy absorbent propellers sitting in your attic. Now they are far more consumer friendly. While the installation of traditional whole house fans could require you to cut the joists in your house, newer models require neither framing nor wiring, making installation simple and of no threat to your home’s current structure. Usually, a whole house fan installs into your attic within an hour.

New whole house fans have a suspended mount and an insulated acoustic duct. This separates the motor from the intake grill and allows for whisper quiet noise output. Typically, newer models will pay for themselves within 1.5 years, as their use will result in a large reduction to your energy consumption.

This is because central A/C units circulate chemically cooled air and can use up to 6000 watts of energy per hour, while a whole house fan uses 36-800 watts of energy per hour, luring fresh air from outside to cool and ventilate your home. On average, whole house fans lower A/C usage by 50 to 90 percent. In some cases they rid the need of them altogether.

They also come with remotes. The remotes allow you to run the fan at different times and durations throughout the day. You can control each room individually and are even able to have multiple fans in one room, either running together or at alternating times. If a whole house fan is not practical at the moment, you could always look into ceiling fans to keep air conditioning costs down. Even if you just get one or two for the muggier rooms of your house.


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