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MOSS Office Pods

Recently, we published a story about a company in NYC that won a competition to create updated apartment complexes in the city.

Their winning design was a building created entirely out of detachable micro units. A few years ago, a similar setup, the OfficePOD, was created in the U.K. as a means to lower costs in large offices.

The POD would act much like a garden shed and sit in the backyard, but instead of garden tools, the POD is full of office appliances, desks, computers, and whatever you need to work at home. In the U.K., the POD’s claim to save up to £4,000 per employee. It also won a ‘Best of Green Award’ from Treehugger.

Designer Victor Vetterlein plans on bringing the aesthetic behind the OfficePOD to the U.S. with the Micro Office Systems Space (MOSS). Each unit is 8’6” in width, to fit on a pickup truck, and can also be lowered by crane into a backyard. They’re designed with birch on the inside, and aluminum on the exterior.

Vetterlein addressed concerns about leaving expensive computer and electrical equipment inside the MOSS pod to potentially be stolen. He said that the pod is constructed as a security vault, and that “ Darth Vader would feel at home in this.”

The interior of each pod consists of a wood-burning stove, a toilet, holding tank, small kitchenette, shelves, etc. It’s created out of recyclable and sustainable materials, LED lighting, skylight, and is designed for efficient energy conservation.

By American standards, the European OfficePOD would be an expensive lease, adding up to around $100 per sq foot per year. It is expected that the MOSS pod would be a cheaper option for employers to save money on employee costs by allowing them to work from home without any distractions.

Image: www.inhabitat.com

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