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Energy Leaks at Home

Energy leaks

Image source: www.salford.gov.uk

It is widely said that the most expensive part of a building construction is its interior design and architecture.

But there is one more important thing to check and that is “energy wastage”. In the US, it’s estimated that billions of dollars are wasted each year because of air seal leaks in doors, walls and windows.

Nearly 40% of energy spent on cooling or heating a building is wasted because of this invisible problem. Any small improvements in each building can save the total power of the nation.

Leaks in buildings are usually detected by a  “blower door test” which is a costly and time consuming process.

Excess Is Out, a startup company, has an innovative approach for detecting the leaks that is simple and far cheaper cost.

Excess Is Out plans to drive a car through every urban street in the US; this is similar to Google street view, whereby the Google car used a panorama camera to record a complete view of the street.

Instead of a camera the Excess Is Out car will be loaded with high speed thermal scanners to scan each building structure. After image collection a huge “thermal signature” of all buildings will be made into a library and each building will be given a score, so that building owners can make proper improvements.

For better accuracy, images must be taken in both cold and hot weather conditions which may take time for data collection. Excess Is Out assures that scanning a building will not cost more than $1, making it cheaper than existing methods of energy auditing. According to the company’s CEO “Armed with that data, the plan is to identify every weak link and thermal problem with the building and then provide a tangible ROI-based solution to the building owners.”

Excess Is Out also provides proper inspections and solutions based on the interest of the building owners in conjunction with a team of certified auditors to save energy.

The company aims to collect images of more than 15% of US buildings by the end of this year. It has already raised $6 million from a venture capital firm.

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