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Recycled Containers Bridging the Gap

Freight companies decommission an estimated 800,000 shipping containers each year, so reusing the sturdy steel boxes makes a lot of sense.

We have all seen reused shipping container houses, offices, hotels and all sorts of temporary structures built with them, but there are some mind-blowing ideas that aim to use the boxes for building amazing bridges.

Amazing Bridge Made From Recycled Containers

Image source: www.messer-architects.co.il

A studio currently working on the concept is Tel-Aviv-based Yoav Messer Architects, who recently unveiled a plan for a whopping 525-foot-long Econtainer Bridge made from the ever-lasting corrugated boxes.

The project is the winner of an international competition that looks into providing pedestrians, bicycles and small shuttle buses access into the luscious Ariel Sharon National Park in Israel.

The architects were inspired by the park itself, which sets an environmentally friendly example as it has turned an old urban rubbish dump into a flourishing green area.

Amazing Bridge Made From Recycled Containers

Image source: www.messer-architects.co.il

This fantastic Econtainer Bridge will be made from a continuous line of containers punctuated by balconies that will provide a space to stop, take a rest and enjoy the amazing views on each side.

Featuring a variety of dimensions in widths and lengths, the containers will be all painted in different colors creating an eco-friendly beautiful design.

Set upon only four columns, the original bridge minimizes its impact on the ground causing little damage and preserving the surrounding nature.

Amazing Bridge Made From Recycled Containers

Image source: www.messer-architects.co.il

The use of recycled shipping containers for this innovative bridge is a great idea as it will not only save on production, costs and construction time, its use reduces the demand for raw materials, encourage resourcefulness and also makes a visible statement against consumerism.

Another great thing about building with containers is that they provide a flexible structure; they serve as a modular unit that can easily adapt to changes.

As well as providing an unforgettable access to the beautiful park, we are sure that the Econtainer Bridge will be a great attraction on its own right.

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