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Getting Organized

The start of the New Year often inspires cleaning and organizing around the house.

Getting things in order can be done economically, and purchasing high dollar units or storage bins isn’t always necessary. These clever ideas are neat to look at whenever the organizing mood strikes.

Rustic shelving can be made from reclaimed lumber or reused boards and hung where needed for instant storage. Add glass jars, baskets or other containers for holding items.

Getting Organized

This unique and colorful arrangement is made from assembling a variety of used furniture. Strategically placed and painted, this one of a kind cabinet storage has character.

Getting Organized

This idea is perfect for reusing odds and ends and mismatched furniture pieces. This concept could also be done in a number of ways. For instance, painting all of the pieces the same color would make it look more unified.

This creative cabinet made from wooden pallets and crates is very resourceful.

Getting Organized

Reusing glass bottle crates for budget friendly wine storage is inventive and has an industrial vibe. It could also be used to store other beverages and pantry items, or any crate collection could be customized in a space to fit other home supplies.

Getting Organized

And then there are the storage designs that may not be so economical, but they are definitively clever.

Oh how this would keep the barrage of shoe clutter around the house to a minimum.

Getting Organized

This wouldn’t be bad to have, either.

Getting Organized

Who wouldn’t love a fully stocked and immaculate pantry? The corner shelves make use of otherwise wasted space.

Getting Organized

For a less expensive version of a custom built pantry or storage nook, reuse a closet. Install shelving and components for a do it yourself design.

Getting Organized

Keeping organized lightens your mood and definitely makes finding things easier, saving time. If only the process of actually getting the organizing done was as easy as sifting through carefully pulled together pins and images.

All snapshots are courtesy of Houzz.

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