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Interesting and Eco-Friendly Wall Designs

Painting walls is a good technique to add color to rooms, but integrating wall designs in a space can add dimension and functionality.

There are endless projects for wall decorations that can incorporate green design.

One example of an increasingly popular wall display is a living wall. These feature arrangements of living plants and can be custom constructed to meet the needs of a space.

Putting in a living wall can be as simple as securing a resalvaged pallet or shelving and adding potted plants. Designs like the ones available from a company called Benetti Stone add real live interest to flat, boring walls. Their MOSStiles are tiles that adhere to the wall and contain live moss. Aside from the spectacular colors, possibly the best part is these tiles do not need to be taken care of. Using only ambient humidity to keep them alive they do not need water, fertilizer or even bright sunlight. The main requirement to make them flourish is an atmosphere with at least a humidity level of 50%.

However, do a little research and be cautionary when ordering plant products that are unnaturally colored, as they may be chemically treated with things you may not want growing on your walls. Normally the best route to go for adding in living plants is choosing native, locally grown types. Part of the fun of designing a space is taking a design element and finding ways to make it greener.

Another idea seeming to come back around is wallpaper treatments, only this time with more environmentally friendly options available. Wallpaper can now be purchased in a range of natural materials, as well as mold resistant and anti-fungal varieties. If paint is preferred over wall treatments, try natural pigments instead of regular paints.  

These can be used to add vibrant color to walls, tiles or bricks.

Also, ecological choices like cork, reclaimed woods and bamboo are sustainable products and can make a number of wall designs. Bamboo can also be purchased in panels or strips that can be inlaid for a textured effect.

Be wary when purchasing cut wood or bamboo products, though. Sometimes these may be treated with preservatives so be sure to check the ingredients and the origin of the product if unsure.

If you need to add a utilitarian aspect to your area, put up hooks, coat racks or other objects that things can be hung on. Recycled materials and flea market finds are ideal for this project. Check out curbly for images and ideas.

Another way to make your wall useful is to hang up shelving. Shelves do not have to be bought in a box, but nearly any flat, sturdy item that can be securely suspended on a wall can be reprocessed as a shelf. Pallets, crates and wooden boxes make ideal shelving units or floating shelves.

Wall designs are a creative way to help set the mood of a space, and adding a green element can often be the basis for inspiration.

Image Source: inhabitat: Benetti Stone MOSStiles

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