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Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Leaving Plastic Behind

Sunny days have many reaching for eyewear to block out the sun.

However, many sunglasses that are made of cheaper materials like low grade plastics may not last long and sometimes are not recyclable, causing them to be tossed out and replaced, continuing the cycle.

Some companies are listening closely to the call of the consumer to offer more choices that are made sustainably and made to last.

Anytime science is in the mix somebody is behind the scenes working to find solutions, and that in combination with an industry made for the shade can produce some pretty neat options.

Eco Sunglasses is one award winning design that has paid attention to the details. This concept was a proposal for well-made eyewear that didn’t withhold on ecological aspects. When coming up with the model it was noted that a lot of eco-friendly versions can be made with wood frames which may not be sustainably processed, such as threatened tropical woods.

The frames along with the cases are made from wood veneer, and are also processed from natural fibers like flax and hemp. This allows the frames to be easily molded during production without extra chemical compounds.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Leaving Plastic Behind

Image source: red-dot.sg/de/online-exhibition/concept/?code=575&y=2012&c=5&a=0

Keeping them out of the landfill was also part of the design strategy. They are formed from bio plastics made with a higher percentage of organically originated resources. The addition of versatile clip accessories allows easily switching up the frames instead of buying a new pair, and also on the planning board would be to take back worn pairs to receive discounts on new ones.

Zeal Optics is another brand with a great idea that touts theirs as a pioneer in organic design. Products in their E-llume line are made from a plant based material they have termed Z-Resin™.

This is the resin produced from castor oils, and the lenses are made from processing the seeds from the castor plant resulting in their plant based lenses. Reportedly this makes a durable, scratch resistant and sun protecting lens.

Utilizing this option instead of crude oil makes a large dent in positive production endeavors. The castor seeds are sustainably farmed and though shipped they are an ideal natural resource as using them does not detract from their obtainability as a food source.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Leaving Plastic Behind

Image source: zealoptics.com

So, the price tags? Well, that’s up to how deep your wallet is. The proactive attempts to make everyday items more ecologically inclined are applauded, though.

Several businesses also offer programs where proceeds or donations from purchases go to providing eyewear and eye exams to those who need them.

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