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iPad Must-Haves

All the new mobile, electronic devices in our lives require personalization and a huge market for electronic accessories has arrived to meet our need to shop.

The stylish eco-friendly buyer can now look to some of the following companies who are providing clever designs for your iPad.

The Kork 2 is an iPad case by Aprodukt and is entirely made of recycled cork. This case is completely recycled.  The Kork 2 integrates the Apple smart cover for all around protection. Complete with tray mode, Kork 2 will give the natural look along with the sustainability for the environment.

Kork2 ipad tray

Image source: www.shop.aprodukt.com

The Plaid Doctrine is made of a high performance fabric made from recycled bottles. This case is water and stain resistant and even has a place to hold your accessories. It is lightweight, foam padded, and fully lined with recycled, ripstop nylon.

iPad accessories

Image source: www.plaiddoctrine.com

The Greensleeve is the best of all eco-friendly iPad cases. It fits any year of the iPad generations. Crafted from Gone Studios, which was born out of the horror of the Gulf Coast oil spill, is made 100% plastic-free, waste-free, and energy-free. Gone Studios uses foot powered sewing machines to create this case. The Greensleeve is made from all natural sheep wool felt.

iPad accessories

Image source: www.gonestudio.com

Other cases feature coconut, bamboo, and even recycled fur which are less effective in the 100% recyclable category but they will definitely help reduce waste.

Do not forget the multitude of handmade options on sites such as Etsy.

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