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Relax and Rest in Your Nest

An up-market sustainable product, DEDON’s beautiful ‘Nest Rest’ is a zero-waste cocoon for finding inner peace.

This eco-friendly and very gorgeous piece of furniture was inspired in the way birds build their homes and cozy up in their nests. This cocoon was entirely created by waving a special trademark fabric that is recyclable, waterproof, long lasting and very strong.

Shaped like a womb, the ‘Nest Rest’ is the perfect place to chill out, enjoy the subtle movement of this unique hammock and allow yourself to drift and daydream away.

It was designed by Paris-based Daniel Puzet and Fred Frety, two longtime collaborators of the international design firm DEDON. This cocoon will float within a space, indoors or outdoors, and can be used hang or sat on a base, according to different people’s desires.

Made entirely from recyclable, non-toxic, weatherproof materials, this design can be enjoyed in private or in company offering a secluded space for relaxation, cozying up or open-air conversations.

DEDON’s design is sturdy yet light. It weighs less than 100kg and is 79 inch wide. It is made from a recyclable aluminum frame woven with a 1.5 inch wide special eco-material dubbed DEDON Fiber.

Developed by famous German goalkeeper Bobby Dekeyser, the fiber was created for his family business in 1990, the same year he retired from football.

‘Nest Rest’ is fully recyclable and probably the world’s first, and finest, synthetic resin fiber material there is. It is a great product that combines economical and ecological efficiency, as there is absolutely no piece of left over material going to waste.

Its production implies zero waste, as every piece of aluminum off-cut from the frame base, as well as every strip of leftover DEDON Fiber, gets recycled back into a fantastic new product.

Dedon's Nest Rest

Image source: www.dedon.de

Dedon's Nest Rest

Image source: www.dedon.de


Image source: www.dedon.de

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