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Hush: A Soft Place to Hide

In a world where we are increasingly more connected and ‘out there’ thanks to social networks, public profiles, CCTV cameras everywhere and advanced phones, what we might really need as a piece of furniture is a place to hide and forget about it all.

Created by British designer Freyja Sewell, Hush is a soft cocoon for retreat and finding oneself.

Hush is a pod, a warm tiny space, a dark place to unwind and relax in comfort and solitude.

Hush is shaped like a womb and it is said to inspire different feelings on different people.

It is a soft micro-space for people that seek to escape into a secure natural space, meditate, watch a film, work alone or just take a break from daily life and stress.

Made entirely from biodegradable grey felt, this great piece of eco-design was water jet cut from a single piece of felt and sewn by hand using a wool string. Compostable and hairy, the cushions inside are filled with recycled wool, a by-product from the carpet industry.

Hush cocoonMade in the UK from local wool, the designer was eager to use felt as it is currently not widely explored and a lot of it goes into waste, so she hopes to increase the demand for it through her designs and is already thinking about new uses for the versatile material. Local, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, breathable and fire retardant, felt is a great material with infinite possibilities for sustainable design and interiors.

Another important fact from wool is that it is multi-climatic, meaning that it adapts itself to different climates: when outside its warm, it keeps coolness inside and when it is cold outside, will keep the warmth in.

A multifunctional object, Sewell’s design can be used closed as a pod or unfold into a sofa, completed with soft cushions and ready to accomodate a few people on it.

Image Source: Freyja Sewell

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