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Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Bamboo is like a miracle material. It has endless advantages and is highly renewable.

It is actually from the grass family, not a wood, as commonly perceived. It is a perennial evergreen and giant bamboos are the largest of the grasses.

Bamboos are some of the quickest growing plants in the world so it makes it quite a resourceful product indeed!

It can be used for building materials as well as a food source and many other products. Bamboo matures in three to five years. When compared to other soft-woods, which take ten to twenty years to mature, bamboo is a highly renewable resource for construction material AND it generates 35% more oxygen than trees.

Timber is harvested from some of the larger bamboos and can be used to make furniture, instruments, even whole houses in some parts of the world.

It is a strange material as it is very strong and yet very light.

It is also extremely flexible so it can be malleable which makes building with it easier than hard wood. It can be used in flooring, wall paneling, scaffolding, and is so strong it rivals the strength of steel.

It can be used to make clothing by using the bamboo fibres as thread.  As a fibre, it breathes well, is elastic, soft, and readily takes up dyes. Because of its affinity for dyes, less colorant is needed than with other fabrics. It is also less course than hemp, burlap, and linen.

It has long been used in used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It is used as a healing agent for treating infections, asthma and coughs and kidney disease.

Bamboo sap is said to reduce a fever, help diarrhoea, be a labor inducer and to cause spontaneous abortion!

Culinary wise, bamboo shoots are used in a wide variety of Asian dishes as well as an animal and fish food.

Fermented  bamboo shoots is used in the Himalayas. In Japan powdered bamboo bark is used as a natural preservative in food storage.

Bamboo can be used as cooking pots and as steamers on top of pots, and is a flavoursome addition to the dish as the food picks up some of the bamboo taste.

Beautiful instruments are made from Bamboo as it is hollow and makes great flutes and wind chimes.

It is such a marvellous, renewable and eco-friendly material, we should all look to using it more often.

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