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Skip The Hardwood; Install Bamboo

Thinking of remodeling the house this summer? Are you tired of looking at that carpet and those darned stains? Would you like both an affordable flooring option and the ability to save the environment? We’ve got just the fix for you!

Bamboo flooring is a relatively new trend in the home industry, but it’s one we foresee will last quite a long time, and may even replace hardwood floors as the standard option in new homes.

It’s cost-effective (comparable to hardwood pricing, and sometimes even cheaper), attractive, sturdy, and gives you no reason to pass up on the opportunity to install, or have it professionally installed, in your home.

At roughly $5 – $8 per square foot, plus $3 – $5 per square foot if you choose the professional installation option, bamboo flooring is something we can all finally consider for ourselves. Its availability is somewhat limited at the moment, but that shouldn’t be a problem much longer.

The bamboo flooring comes in several different categories of looks, costs, and durability. Of course, the more you spend, the more you get, but even the cheapest of bamboo floors will provide years of sturdy protection in replacement of carpeting and hardwood.

Bamboo flooring

Rather than waste maple, oak, and other trees as building materials (these trees can take up to 50 years to regrow), consider the eco-friendly bamboo plant, which only takes 7 years to reach full maturity.

From the striped tiger design, to the edge-grain plank option, your home will be a hub of ecological conduciveness and fashion statements with your new bamboo flooring. Be the talk of the town, the reading club, church group, and workplace, as well as leading the charge towards environmental awareness.

A quick Google search can help you find your nearest supplier of bamboo flooring, along with the contractors to install it, unless you’re personally adept with a glue and a nail gun.


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