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Dual Duty Designs

Furniture pieces can be expensive. When committing to a purchase or beginning a do it yourself project, consider double duty items for their utilitarian aspects.

You will get more use for your dollars, plus, since pieces are typically held on to longer or passed along to others for use, they won’t lend to surplus waste. Multi-functional designs are also ideal if space is an issue.

Though some signature pieces may be out of an attainable price range, you can get ideas for a homemade design, or sketch up a proposal and pass it along to someone crafty who is willing to assist.

If you have children around, you are probably keenly aware of how fast they grow out of things. Buying items that can be used in different ways helps them extend their usefulness and earn their keep in the home.

Mid Mod Design has an inventive toy furniture combination listed that kids could spend hours in. One part car, one part rocking chair, this 1950’s German design certainly brings on the fun. Created by Hans Brockhage, this piece from the past should definitely make a popular (affordable) return.

Dual Duty Designs

Image source: inhabitots.com/a-kids-car-that-becomes-a-rocking-chair-when-you-flip-it-upside-down

Developed by Ellen Ectors and handmade by Ellesco, the swiTCh Table & Chair is a table and a chair in one. This functional furniture combination is geometrically inspired from the cube and sphere forms. The fluidly movable design also has an ergonomic focus and is a posture saver compared to long hours at a traditional desk.

Dual Duty Designs

Image source: switchtablechair.biz

Couches that can turn into sleeping areas are perfect for small rooms, extra spaces or offices. Designed by Kvadra, the Pil-low is an upgrade of a conventional sofa bed or foldable futon.

Dual Duty Designs

Image source: kvadra.eu

Another creative idea that comes from Ivy Design is the Picture Table. When a table is needed, this sturdy surface handily folds down for use. However, when you want the table out of the way, it conveniently folds up and attaches to the wall. What’s more, it turns into a display frame for favorite art, photographs, posters and other imagery.

Dual Duty Designs

Image source: ivydesign.at/products/picture-table

Buying things with more than one use facilitates resourcefulness and liberates traditional constructions, turning them into exciting, multifaceted objects.

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