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Do You Like Ramen Noodles?

If so, you may have hungrily indulged in the hot noodles and not really thought too much about the packaging that they came in.

Sometimes this meal for one can come in the not so earth friendly Styrofoam or unrecyclable waxed paper containers.

When heated, Styrofoam and some plastic packaging can unleash chemicals from the containers into the food, serving up a bit of unintended contaminant along with your dinner.

Tomorrow Machine, a company ran by package designers Anna Glansén and Hanna Billqvist, along with an eco focused research facility named Innventia, have conceptualized a redesign of an old standby, and their prototype for hot noodle holding packaging is an innovative idea.

Made from bio-based substances, their design is completely biodegradable and holds, heats and serves prepared foods, like noodles and dehydrated vegetables that need to be warmed with water.

Initially, it looks like a sort of compressed bowl, an intended space saver, with a hole on top. Near boiling water is carefully poured into the opening and allowed to sit for a few minutes while the water steams the food. After the dish is heated and the noodles or other fillings begin to swell, the carton pops open into an expandable bowl. The steam activated container then becomes sturdy enough to eat out of.

Image source: tomorrowmachine.se

This concept was a design project to present their revolutionary, lively container, and it is making a buzz in the world of sustainable packaging.

Do You Like Ramen Noodles?

Image source: packagingnews.co.uk/news/sustainable-expanding-bowl-unveiled

With tons of packaged products out there do we really need another for on the go convenience? If you are a lover of reconstituted freeze dried fair or in the restaurant industry, the answer is probably, yes, it makes sense.

Though their site is currently listed as under construction with contact information provided, let’s hope we hear more from them in the near future.

Now, if they could just figure out a way to make the contents healthier, too.

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