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Do It Yourself Upcycled Skirts

If you love comfortable, tailor made skirts but don’t enjoy their non-adjustable price tag, try designing your own.

Look in the closet or at secondhand stores for fabric bargains and chances are inspiration will strike.

With tons of free online resources and a little imagination you don’t need supreme sewing capabilities to upcylce skirts for the whole family.

Skirts of any size can be made from an endless list of materials. Take a look at what you have lying around that can be resalvaged. It is likely that you already have most of what is needed to use for a design. Think of hardly worn things like party or prom dresses, or disliked pieces that can be given a second life. Oversized clothing or old maternity clothes are ideal for this project. Clothes that have been outgrown or are stained can be used for decorative trim, cut-outs, pockets or other embellishments.

Also, try looking outside of the clothing arena for fabric ideas, too. Things like pinwheel skirts can be made with old curtains, tablecloths or extra textiles from other non-clothing items.

Have a little fashionista?  At the rate they grow it is hard to keep up with their creative style demands. Try crafting simple girl’s skirts that will save money.

Instead of patterns that call for an elastic waist, which can be too big and then overnight may seem to be too tight, put in a drawstring waist. This will allow for considerably more use as it will adjust to their size for a longer period of time.

Use pretty ribbon, long laces or soft string for ties. Just fold over the fabric at the top of the skirt leaving room for the insert and sew around the bottom of the fold with the drawstring in place. Be careful not to sew through the sides so the string can be pulled and tightened. If you can maneuver a straight line with a sewing machine, try backing your string or ribbon with twill tape or a sturdy fabric first. Depending on the skirt, this may provide a neater looking tie.

For younger children that haven’t mastered tying yet, simply put a stitch or two in after securing the string in a bow so it will stay put. This can be taken out as they grow. Alternatively, try using belts in place of drawstrings, which may be easier for smaller hands.

For some inspirational women’s and children’s do it yourself skirt ideas check out these tutorials from SomewhatSimple and CraftingaGreenWorld that incorporate recycled fabrics.

By adding a little resourcefulness you can make your own distinctive, low priced but high quality skirts.

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