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DIY Refashions: Dresses And Shirts

T-shirts make great material for refashioning into other clothing.

The fabric can be used from oversized or unworn t-shirts or other items and transformed into one of a kind dresses and shirts.

This tutorial shows how to refashion 2 t-shirts into a tunic style dress using just scissors, a sewing machine and a needle and thread. The easy to follow instructions include visuals and pattern guides.


DIY Refashions: Dresses And Shirts

Image source: wobisobi.blogspot.com

If you are into basket weaving, or have enough spare time to finish the project, this pile of t-shirts –

DIY Refashions: Dresses And Shirts

Image source: reachingformore.typepad.com

can be upcycled into this basket weave-t-shirt dress:

DIY Refashions: Dresses And Shirts

Image source: reachingformore.typepad.com

Patience required.

For a look that is much different than the original, a no waste house coat dress is an interesting way to redo an unsightly house dress.

DIY Refashions: Dresses And Shirts

Image source: secondchancesbysusan.blogspot.com

An accent at the waist is added from old pajama bottoms. The length can be adjusted, and can even be trimmed into a tunic style top. The same pattern can be used with large t-shirts for a comfortable but fitted top.

To reuse old sports shirts or styles that are too big, try tailoring them into dresses or adjust them with a different type of cut.

This dress repurposes t-shirts into a completely new look. Combining an old sports logo shirt and the fabric from a too big t-shirt, a custom refashion is surprisingly simple to do with a few basic sewing steps.

This neckline can be achieved with some alterations, and taking it in to fit the wearer makes the look much more polished than the original oversized t-shirt. The ¾ length sleeves were also modified from the initial shirt style.

DIY Refashions: Dresses And Shirts

Image source: vintagezest.com

This video shows how to change a standard neckline into a V-neck version.

The length and sleeves of any style can be adjusted by trimming or adding more by sewing on cuts of fabric.

Repurposing unused items into things that will actually be worn is a money saving and practical way to build up a wardrobe.

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