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DIY Reading Nooks

Having a literacy rich home doesn’t mean having a full scale library at your disposal, but providing print for young readers as a part of their everyday environment. Whether from books, magazines, newspapers, brochures or digital words, having print rich materials on hand will encourage reading at home.

Creating a designated space in the house can offer a special, quite place that will entice readers.

Setting up an area for children to have easy access to reading materials is a way to draw them into reading time. Make sure the area is comfortable and has good lighting that is suitable for reading. Place books and other items within reach so that they are accessible and they will be more likely to get picked up. Also, alternate between reading materials so that a fresh selection of supplies will be available.

Reading nooks do not have to be expensive, and do not require a full on room renovation. They also do not have to be specially built, but can be made from any unused space, corner or even a closet.

Here are a few samples of how some have turned spaces in their home into reading havens. The Tiny Life has a compilation of various types of reading nooks.

This spot uses old tires that are given an updated look for a seating area.

DIY Reading Nooks

An unused space is turned into a reading nook, and a handmade bookshelf from wooden boards makes simple, easy to reach storage.

DIY Reading Nooks

A sunny place becomes an instant reading spot with inviting floor pillows. The curtain rod is made from a fallen branch and a mix of colorful objects create an inviting area.

DIY Reading Nooks

An odd shaped space is creatively put to use.

DIY Reading Nooks

A homemade tent canopy and other items from around the house are combined to make a unique reading area.

DIY Reading Nooks

Even a small space can be turned into a reading nook that the whole family will gravitate toward.

DIY Reading Nooks

This outdoor reading nook was created with 2 wooden pallets and 5 recycled cans.

DIY Reading Nooks

All above images are from The Tiny Life.

Kojo Designs features a corner nook that was made from 2 reused wooden pallets.

DIY Reading Nooks

Image source: kojo-designs.com

Their tutorial shows how to do it yourself with steps from part 1 and part 2.

Reusing items from around the home combined with repurposed materials can be used to create a space that will welcome some quiet and imaginative reading time.

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