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Five Green DIY Projects

Everyone enjoys a little hands-on work every now and then, especially when it’s money-saving, eco-conducive, and just plain fun.

Whether you’re a DIY expert, or a city-slicker looking to save a few bucks on energy costs, these five project ideas are perfect for you.

Build A Sun Dial: It’s time to take a trip to several hundred years in the past, before the invention of gear-driven clocks and watches. The people of that era used sundials to tell the time, though they’re limited to daytime hours only. This tutorial by eHow will help you setup and design your personalized sundial, for recreational and/or educational use.

Build A Compost Bin: Rather than waste all those vitamin enriched banana peels, why not put them to good use in a compost bin? This will save space for the trash can, and help promote conscious and conservative living. The University of Missouri has a few blueprints of different types of bins that help speed up the biological process of decomposing natural waste.

Build A Treehouse: This is an excellent way of encouraging your children to live in mutual benefaction with nature. Popular Mechanics came up with these DIY treehouse sketches and instructions to go along with them. From extravagant designs to a simple rope ladder and wooden platform, it’s relatively simple to create a treehouse, provided you have a compatible tree and children to use it.

Build A Terrarium: These miniature art-meets-nature display pots are great for livening up your residential space with an eco-friendly option. The best part is that they’re simple to make, and don’t require many tools or resources to create. Plus, they look beautiful when done correctly, and go a long way to promote living with nature. Storm The Castle has instructions on how to make one.

Build A Greenhouse: For approximately $50, you can build and own a self-sustaining greenhouse. These are perfect for growing your own fruits and vegetables, flowers, etc. The Door Garden blog has picture examples and instructions on how to make your own.

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