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5 Projects To Connect You With Your Ancestors

We always enjoy writing about DIY projects, because let’s be honest, they’re great fun, educational, and sometimes last longer than cheap store-bought products.

This time, however, we’ll ditch the electronics entirely, and focus on projects your great-great-great-great grandfather might have made for fun.

Build A Sundial

Believe it or not, people used to tell the time by using rudimentary equipment that harnessed the magic of the sun. That’s code for “they didn’t have iPhones back in the day”. In eight easy steps, you too can harness that power in your backyard by following this simple tutorial from WikiHow.

Build A Hammock

If you’re an outdoors type of person, then this project is right up your alley. Creating a hammock really isn’t all that difficult or time-consuming. It’s simply a matter of having the right equipment, tools, and determination, then following this tutorial.

Make Your Children A Felt Horse On A Stick (or create one for yourself, we won’t judge)

This project will require some sewing skills, but all-in-all, it’s fairly simple. Your children will adore it (provided you follow the steps correctly and it doesn’t end up looking like Frankenstein’s ride), you’ll save money, and it will teach your kids the importance of being independent.

Build A Wooden Treasure Chest (Arrr, Matey!)

Looking for something to store your children’s toys in? Have you always dreamt of burying your life savings on a deserted island out in the Pacific? If so, you’re in luck! This 22-step tutorial complete with pictures will show you how to accomplish such a thing.

Carve Your Own Hand-Made Kitchen Utensils

Looking to put a unique spin on suppertime? Carving your own utensils is a neat way of saving money while simultaneously learning new carpentry skills. This tutorial from Mother Earth tops of our DIY list for now.

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