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Artists can be inspired by the most interesting materials that many consider just ordinary items.

The work of Sarah Illenberger provides a good example. Her series entitled Strange Fruits brightly represents the ingenuity of fruit and vegetable art.

She whimsically presents spectacular produce inspired replicas, taking the everyday and twisting it with the surreal.

Her rubies made from beets are simple yet so naturally shiny you may want to try carving out one or two.

Also, this familiar toy inspired sample may have household members cutting up chunks of fruits to make their own, which would be much easier to reposition than the original.

Maybe the most organic, non-light emitting bulb ever made.

The term, “disco pineapple” unexpectedly seems like normal semantics.

All natural lipstick.

For some spark, the chili flamed lighter and pomegranate grenade rev up the fruit’s edge factor.

(All above images from Sarah Illenberger).

Up for a little do it yourself produce transformation?

Inventor Lee Bayless has developed an entire product revolving around the idea of making edible art with fruit and vegetables called the Veggie Bot. This is a system of kitchen utensils and tools that actually makes otherwise kid considered lackluster foods and turns them into shapes that can be combined with other forms to create endless objects.

So the results may not replicate the above (unless you can channel Sarah Illenberger’s eye for fruits) kids will love the concept. If your goal is to have a little fun and not to create an exhibition piece, then save leftover produce pieces or incorporate fresh portions into snack time.

The word is that plans were being tossed about to manufacture prepackaged Veggie Bots filled with edible supplies to commercial industries including restaurants and educational facilities. This would surely be an adult welcomed toy concept to include with kid’s meals.

Watch the product video to see a demonstration of kid created food designs using the Veggie Bot. You can also collect ideas to make your own appetizing art forms using supplies you already have in the kitchen.

Mixing natural materials and a little inspiration, the usual can be turned into the most unusual.

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