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Creative Ways To Reuse Tote Bags

In attempts to alleviate using plastic bags, reusable tote bags can pile up. Whether from trips to the market or handed out at free events, if you have a pile of them laying around consider the following clever craft ideas to give them a new use.

Tote bags can make perfect throw pillows. By inserting a pillow or batting inside, cutting off the straps and sewing the top together a new pillow is born. For a no-sew design place fabric glue just inside the opening.

Creative Ways To Reuse Tote Bags

Image source: notcot.com

Creative Ways To Reuse Tote Bags

Image source: notcot.com

Tote bags can also be turned into many other types of bags. A zipper, snap or Velcro enclosure can be placed on the opening. Additionally, they can be cut in half to make 2 smaller carry all bags or wine and beverage totes. Just sew up the sides and re-attach the handles.

For some ideas on making your own tote, check out these free patterns. Also, you can steal some of the concepts and add them to an already existing tote to give it an update. For instance, by adding a contrasting strip of fabric you can give a boring tote a little dimension.

Creative Ways To Reuse Tote Bags

Image source: amelieandatticus.blogspot.com

Or, turn an ordinary bag into a library tote by adding a pocket and decorative stitching.

Creative Ways To Reuse Tote Bags

Image source: mycottoncreations.blogspot.com

They can also be saved up and used in place of gift bags or wrapping paper. By personalizing them with stencils or fabric paints they make a neat presentation, and can be used again when the gift is gone.

The fabric from canvas or cotton tote bags can also be reused and turned into other items like book covers, tea towels, basket liners or sewn together to make picnic blankets or table cloths. For bags that include favorite graphics but may not be that durable to carry objects around in, cut out the image and display it in a frame, or sew it onto another bag.

Tote bags may be better alternatives to plastic bags, but if they are not being used then all they are doing is wasting space. Coming up with new ways to use them can be a good excuse for a craft project.

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