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Cardboard Creations From Caporaso Studio

When thinking of recycled cardboard designs, basic or bland may come to mind, however one architectural design specialist has produced a line that is far from either.

Giorgio Caporaso’s cardboard furniture called the Ecodesign collection has taken reuse of this everyday material to the next level, producing a range of functional furniture designs. These modern forms may seem to feature detailed carved accents from a distance, but a close up look actually reveals they are made from cardboard.

Cardboard Creations From Caporaso Studio

An interest in sustainable architecture and energy resources led to the creation of the pieces.

Caporaso says of his material choices:

Using recycled and disposable materials, combined with the aesthetic of an object, can

sensitize people towards adopting new attitudes, and becoming more responsible towards our

planet. It is a small drop in the bucket, but I hope I’ll give my little contribution to a brighter


When no longer useable, the furniture is completely recyclable. Not only are they fully functional but they are also made to be durable. Perfect for organization in any room, these modular units can be moved around where they are needed creating a basic, flexible storage system.

Cardboard Creations From Caporaso Studio

Cardboard Creations From Caporaso Studio

Cardboard Creations From Caporaso Studio

Who knew a chaise lounge made from cardboard could look even sort of comfortable?

Cardboard Creations From Caporaso Studio

His work has been internationally exhibited and showcased, and with no wonder. As someone who has tried many times to construct a cardboard house that would at least make it through an afternoon of playtime, these sophisticated designs are totally impressive.

Cardboard Creations From Caporaso Studio

All images are the property of Giorgio Caporaso.

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