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Could You Spend 10 Days In A Wheel With Someone?

Could You Spend 10 Days In A Wheel With Someone?

An experiment that would test the patience in most, spending 10 days in an open Ferris wheel like environment is probably not something the majority would be lining up to do.

Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder have created an installation titled In Orbit that makes observers see architecture in an interesting way. It is a performance art installation with a curious and in depth look into how our living situations, surroundings and those we live with affect us.

It is a 25 foot structure that is composed of 2 units, one on the interior and the other outside of the wheel.

Could You Spend 10 Days In A Wheel With Someone?

The exposed wheel includes the basics in living quarters, complete with furniture, kitchenette and a private bathroom. Shelley is housed on the outside and Schweder is nestled in the inner portion, and both plan to stay there for 10 whole days.

Those inside are dependent on the others movements, as when one moves it spins the wheel, changing the position of the other. Both have to collaborate to perform any movement, so if one wants to lie down the other must perform a corresponding motion to allow it. This must get exhausting over the course of a day, and 10 days would be hard to imagine.

Could You Spend 10 Days In A Wheel With Someone?

This is architecture that tediously proves a point. The artists also have other works that look into how structures play a role in relationships and connectivity.

Schweder refers to this type of art as performance architecture, and it literally opens up familiar arrangements, like living spaces, and makes onlookers really see how they can affect how we live and relate to others.

According to the artists, the wheel project is a hands-on experience that allows a look into how we are interconnected within our environment. This is not a notion that we reflect on a lot as we go through the day, but are occasionally reminded of when someone around us is irritable or irritating. Being In Orbit for such a long stretch would not be an easy experience to go through, as the artists have admitted. It is at times, they pointed out, demanding.

The enclosed quarters would definitely lend to close inspection of self, others and environment.

So the next time someone in your living space tries your patience, be glad you are not obligated to spin in the wheel with them for another day.

Day 3. I think that would be my limit. Or maybe more like hour 3.

All images are via Pierogi.

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