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Greener Homes Required

Be it sun-lit mansions, garden duct cooling or solar heating. All these words sounded lame and too fictional a few years back. But now, due to awareness for the environment, houses are designed in order to reduce to the maximum wastage and dependence on non renewable energy and adopt use for the natural sources of energy.

Reduction in housing spaces in cities and the ever increasing demand for power has forced people to design their houses to give them comfort without compromising the “green” factor for their house. For this, the easy and practical option is to switch over to alternate and freely available sources of energy.

Take for instance, home central air-conditioning. Previously buildings were designed to seal off the outside heat and use artificial air conditioning which used a lot of power. Now the heat effect is reduced by using double wall insulations, heat cutting glass windows, temperature cooling wall paints and to top it all using energy saving and efficient air conditioning.

Efforts like these being taken forward are a little step in the direction to conserve the planet and keep it a lot more greener for the generations to come. It appears to be quite dramatic but considering the current rate of consumption of non renewable energy resources, on which we are majorly dependent on, our natural reserves would not last for more that 40-50 years. So until & unless we make some drastic changes in the patterns of our lifestyle, our future generations are definitely going to be in real big trouble.

These efforts are needed to be taken jointly by citizens and governing bodies to promote devising ways and to reduce our carbon footprint.  People have to realize that until and unless they do not reduce the dependence on power-guzzling gadgets, the efforts made by governing bodies to “Go Greener” will prove out to be futile.

It is a joint effort from all of us to save our environment.


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