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Compostable Tableware Served Up From Japan

Wasara compostable dinnerware

Image source: www.wasara.us

Here is a humble tableware collection that is fully compostable and still, very elegant.

Conceived by top Japanese creative director, Shinichiro Ogata, Wasara is pure, textured and white. It’s also very warm and nice to the touch.

Made from a new mix of biodegradable composite materials that doesn’t include trees, the cups, plates, bowls and vases are made from a mix of agricultural waste including bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse.

Perfect for taking to a tea party or picnic at the park Wasara is extra light.

Designed to be fully compostable when finished with, it can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

Wasara: Compostable Tableware From Japan

Image source: www.wasara.us

Using compostable or biodegradable elements also saves on having to do a big wash up after a gathering, while avoiding the need for using nasty plastic containers that will take years and years to degrade, if they eventually do.

Wasara tableware replaces plastic and also wood pulp disposables while accentuating every dish you serve by adding an ephemeral aura.

Talking about its practicality, this tableware is suitable for cold and hot foods. It is oil and water-resistant and can be stored in the fridge and is super flexible and microwave-safe.

Designed from organic lines it fits comfortably in your hands but yet it is sturdy.

Wasara tableware is responsibly manufactured near the source of its raw materials and its factory recently achieved an ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.

The company has also designed disposable and compostable bamboo cutlery to go with the Wasara collection and they are in talks relating to producing them in biog badges, to be used as airline tableware in the future.

Disposable tableware should be used in counted occasions and not on a daily basis, of course. But if there is a special occasion that deserves this elegant tableware, biodegradable is a better choice than plastic!

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