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Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

The significance of color can be seen in research on mood and behavior. Everyone from color theorists to someone just wanting to change the look of a room in their home can relate to how colors can make you feel.

We may navigate to colors in our surroundings to favorite ones in wardrobe choices. Colors can inspire and motivate, whether we realize it or not.

The Pantone Matching System showcases a wide variety of colors that are used mostly in printing, but can also be applied to a range of arenas, including paints, plastics and fabrics. Their recent fashion color report for fall shows the system in action and provides style samples with various colors.

The report suggests 10 leading fashion colors for both women and men as well as designers’ sketches and color advice.

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

The fashion color report for the upcoming spring is also available.

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

Above images are from Pantone.

The idea is to experiment with different color choices, and to try colors you might not think of as ideal for pairing but when seen together they bring out an unexpected side to the color wheel that works. Another goal of the color suggestions goes further than just sparking up a wardrobe, but also intends to liven up the spirits. During cold and dreary months, something as simple as trying out a different color or two can cause a mood enhancing effect.

For some interior inspiration, the color palettes offered from Morgan Fisher are a new twist on colors inspired from designs around 1935. A filmmaker and artist, Fisher reportedly was driven to create the collection after coming across a booklet belonging to his father’s company, a pre-fabricated housing business.

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

His series titled Interior Color Beauty is a crisp display of hued palettes.

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

Above images are the property of Morgan Fisher and made available by Caroline Williamson from Design Milk.

Obviously color choices are endless, but sometimes we get stuck on a certain color family. Perhaps gravitating towards a wardrobe with only darker shades, for instance, and it’s simply visually interesting to look at other hues.

Whether it’s through artwork, color samples, swatches or fabrics, looking at colors and really seeing them can be inspiring.

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